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Posted: July 22, 2019

Martial arts are a physical practice. It is a combative practice. 
A core objective of the discipline is to triumph over your opponent. 

Nonetheless, it is built on a higher philosophy. While you are trying to defeat your opponent, you are also expected to have the utmost respect for him or her. Martial arts recognizes that we are all equal, we are all in this life together, and we have a duty to support one another through the journey. 

This way of being can be thought of as an aspect of a previous blog, about one of the traits of a black belt: ‘a black belt never leaves anyone behind.’ 

The truth of this duty can be seen in the essence of every individual, and the way we react when we give something to another: when we give of ourselves, nothing is truly lost. 

Contrary to any idea that giving leads to depletion, the truth is that often the most rewarding and fulfilling times in life occur when we can brighten someone else’s. If you share of yourself with another human being, whether it is to build their self-esteem, support something they’re doing, or something more general, you fill yourself with a remarkable joy!

What matters in this life is more than simply winning for ourselves. The ‘every man for himself’ attitude is small and narrow. With our increasingly global world, this is more relevant today than ever. What truly matters is helping others win, even if it means slowing down and changing our course. By realizing that we are only one part of a larger humanity, and that we are intertwined with that humanity, we begin to understand why it is equally rewarding for ourselves and others to share our knowledge and successes with them. 

Taking this one step further, while we are all a part of a larger humanity, we are all a unique part, and we all have our own special abilities to share with the world. Never be afraid to share your talents with those around you to improve their day, or to help them help others…relationships are one of the greatest common gifts that we all share. 

When a candle lights another, its light is not diminished, rather, the light given off together is greater than the light of one. When we learn to do this dance of growing ourselves as individuals, while remaining selflessly in service to those around us, we improve our own lives, and the world as a whole. 

If you live in this way, you change not only your own heart for the better, but those of others as well. Use your flame to play your part in enlightening our world. 
Your brightness will never dim. You’ll just burn stronger. 

 A candle truly loses nothing by lighting another candle; its illumination just keeps expanding.  

Instructor John Kolakovic
Synergy Martial Arts