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Posted: September 14, 2019

Dear Parents/Guardian/Caregivers!

We wanted to share with prospective Parents out there one of the best-kept secrets of our Martial Arts Program!

When are officially enrolled in our program they are on our Flex Schedule.  What that means to you as a parent is that your child is open to attend any 2 or more clasess per week that are on our Schedule in the link above.

Unlike other sports, you are not subject to a particular day and time.  

This flexibility is valuable for parents as from time to time life and other activities get in the way. Our solution, make a Flex Schedule where students can attend ANY of the Scheduled classes for their child's age and rank!

As an example, if your child is enrolled in our Tykes Program.  They can participate in any of the Tykes classes offered throughout the week.

You DO NOT need to inform us of what class you are attending either! Just Show Up!

So, if you were sitting on the fence about Martial Arts in a busy schedule, you just got the one the best reasons why Synergy Martial Arts is the Primier Martial Arts school in Leaside!